For more information on the training and techniques I use, check out the John Barnes Myofascial Release(, Center for Pain Management (, and Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques(

There’s no better compliment than a referral.  Here are practitioners and businesses that I think are just fabulous:

Dr. Eileen Nugent, Pittsford Osteopathic Medicine,

Deeanne Bevin, Lac  (585) 383-8450
Carly Weis, Lac at Breathe(

Dr. Diane Garman (585) 377-5980

Birth and Mother’s Milk(  Birth Doula, post partum, and breast feeding assistance by Ellen Derby (315) 462-3394

Breathe is like a sanctuary for me; a place to press your reset button.  If you are looking for life changing yoga or just plain healthy food to nurture your body, Breathe is the place to go.

Hair Removal:
Ruth at  Gina Maria Salon is the best. (585) 347-4625

Other Massage Therapists:
Maria De La Cruz, PT, LMT at Bodywisdom Physical Therapy (
Kate Baker, LMT (
Ty-Quasia Earth Reid at Rising Earth Massage Therapy(
Kevin Brunelle, LMT at A Healing Sanctuary (